Friday, December 18, 2009

Keeping It Simple

Just managed to get another post in before the BIG DAY arrives.
I can't believe where the year has gone.
Today I received my copy of Scrapbook Creations.
After a long day of Christmas shopping, it was so nice to put my feet up and take a look at all the creations in this new issue.
Of course, I love seeing the "Keeping It Simple" Article that I write every second month with Belinda Venables and Helen Karanfilovski. I like to see how we all interpret the theme. This month's theme was to create a 'NO PHOTO' layout. I love how we all have similar coloured layouts and that was definately not planned.
Here's my layout:

Speaking of "Keeping It Simple" .....

are you a simple scrapper?

do you follow any simple scrapper sites?

who are some favourite simple scrappers?

I'd love to see some links to you or your favourites .... and I don't mean the BIG INTERNATIONAL NAMES .... I mean just normal scrappers like you and I.

I'd love to make a list and post them on my blog before Christmas. It would make for some great reading and inspiration over the festive holiday.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Merry Christmas,


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Recipe

Thanks so much for all the lovely feedback on my Reindeer Cookies - the sad thing is that I don't actually have a spare one for me to bake and see how they look completed - they are all being given out to friends and family.

For those who asked for the recipe, take a look here and there will be all the details :
Recipe here

Enjoy making them and Happy Christmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Reindeer Cookies

One evening at least a couple of months ago, I was online chatting to Sharnel, a friend of mine. She mentioned she wanted to make these but a Xmas version. Well I jumped at the chance to join in and make them with her as gifts at Xmas time.

There has been heaps of planning - orders to the US for the m&m's, Jars purchased from across town, ingredients bought and practice runs done. There were serious discussions about the fabric we would use on the top of the jars and many links to many blogs for inspiration about the how the label would look and what we might call the Cookie Mix.

I had a great time with a like minded friend who is as particular as I am when it comes to craft .... and believe it or not she is not a scrapper (but let me tell you that she has the best cutting board a scrapper could ever want). Sharnel bakes ... check out The Cupcake Company.

Sharnel makes the most delicious cupcakes and the prettiest too. We met online on a cupcake forum and before long we chatted, then I photographed her gorgeous daughter's 5th birthday and just 2 weeks ago we made 50 jars of Reindeer Cookie Mix.

Here's what they look like.

You simply add some butter and vanilla, roll into balls and bake - the 'step by step' is on the back of the jars. Don't you just love Christmas time and the pretty things you can make?!

I do - Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy time of the year

I'll start by saying that this has got to be the craziest time of the year.
So much so that I just completed a very long and overdue post on this blog and then bleary eyed, I accidentally deleted it. After a deep breath and a moment to compose myself, I have started this post again.
Why is it that we all seem to not have enough minutes in the day at this time of the year?
I appear organised ...
The tree is up -since November in fact.
There are gifts under it - not the children's of course
My wreath is hanging on the front door.
The Christmas cards have been written.
My long, long lists of purchases are gradually getting smaller ....
and yet, I barely have time to scrap or blog or take time to smell the roses during the festive season. Let's hope things settle down soon.
I had a lovely email recently from Mylen, a DT member from a great french blog called C&S.
She asked if they could use a layout of mine so that others could scraplift it. I was more than thrilled that they would notice my work when there are some of my favourite simple scrappers come from France - they have such a wonderful clean style.
Here is the layout they have on their blog this week. If you go take a look you'll see how some of the other scrappers lifted it. Thank you Mylen.

In other news, I have been have a wonderful time with my photography
This year has been terrific - I have met some great families and made so many new friends.
I am so excited to be flying to Sydney in January to attend a one day workshop with an amazing USA photographer - Jasmine Star. She is considered top 10 in the world.
While I'm in Sydney I'm looking forward to photographing some families that reserved their sessions several months ago - it will be so much fun.
I have 2 session times available - one on Monday 11 January at 3pm and the other on Wednesday 13 January at 8am. Email me if you're interested in some more information -
A one hour session includes all photos on your own disc
as well as five 5x7 images printed.

Before I go and accidentally delete this post, I'd like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy and safe new year. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for the kind and encouraging comments I receive - they really make my day.