Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another boring post

Sorry guys ... no pics still ... my computer is still off getting checked for water damage .... it's been a week and the guy said it might not be too much longer :(

So, I can't upload any pics at all until I get it back. Thought I would just log in so you know I'm alive and well.

Thank you to Kathy who recently left me a comment - her first one and I'm so pleased she worked out how to do it. Kathy, when you do comment again, add your name to the end of your comment so I can tell it's you. When you do an anonymous comment, you need to add your name as well.

Kathy asked about BLACK AND WHITE conversion on my photos.
Yes, I use gradient map and yes I simply use the black and white choice and then I also add some contrast in the adjust curves section by gently pulling the curve down at the bottom of the curve (if needed). Hope that helps!

Also, I'm keen to start doing some more photo shoots - I have some booked in already in the next few weeks that should be fun - I can't wait to post .... so if you're interested in having me take some photos of your family or your party or whatever you have in mind, I'd love to hear from you!

Hopefully I'll have some pics to share on my next post - fingers crossed!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Questions / Answers

It's been a while since I updated my blog - good reason though. My hard drive has been sent away to be checked for water damage so temporarily i have set up my son's hard drive so I can 'make contact' with everyone ;)

I'm really glad so many of you loved the LEGO party as much as I did. I'll try and answer all the questions and if I miss any, please let me know OK?

ANONYMOUS - asked about the party - Yes, the party lasted for only 1 hr and they have no facilities for you to provide food which is a shame. The kids played for 1 hour supervised by a teacher who depending on your choice of party guides them with what they need to create. Our theme was "Journey Into Space" and they made aliens and spaceships and then had to show them off and explain what they had made. The cupcakes I made were wrapped in individual plastic containers with ribbons and given to each child as they left along with their LEGO CHOC MAN (as the lolly bag).

NICOLE S - I had seen on the LEGO site that you can buy ice molds from the US. I was concerned it wouldn't arrive in time and so I asked the brisbane LEGO store about them. She said 'no' and then about 1 week later, she phoned excitedly to tell me that a big shipment from the US was coming but not sure when. It arrived 3 days before the party. While I was there collecting the ICE CUBE MOLD, they had ICE BLOCK LEGO MAN molds also - that's what the CHOC LEGO MEN were made from. Of course I had to grab that as well. I'm assuming they should be available in Sydney also.

JODI - Hopefully, you have a LEGO store in your state, if so, then they should have it or maybe able to order you one from Brisbane. Yell out if you have any trouble.

I also received a lovely BLOG AWARD from Debra - that is so nice of you. Unfortunately I can't even load the pic or link you at this stage (who know's why - probably this little computer) but I will try again.

Also, CATH asked about my Black and White conversion on the photo of Ethan. I use photoshop to process my images. I go into GRADIENT MAP and use that to get my black and white's. I didn't do anything fancy to get that white background - the tiles I think were white or maybe even pale green so once converted that's how it looked. If I haven't explained this well enough, please ask again OK?

SO, not too exciting today - no photos to share .... since I can't with this computer ... but I have been creating and I'm excited about it too.

Have a great weekend,

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ethan had his first ever school friend's party last weekend.
He was so excited - he celebrated at the LEGO Education Centre and being the Lego and Star Wars fan that he is, this was the invitation I created for the BIG DAY!

Ethan helped me set up the shot and nervously I lit the candles and ran back to take this photo.
Had some fun with the blurb on the back of the card too.

Just moments before all his friends arrived.

These were in place of lolly bags - little chocolate LEGO men.

And the cupcakes all ribboned up.

And then ready to eat - white chocolate with hundreds and thousands LEGO pieces.

And the token birthday photo taken on the way back to the car.

He had a great time ... and I'm glad - he's a good kid!

Friday, June 12, 2009

At last ......

Some of you who follow my blog may remember a while ago that I was going to create a layout about by 95 year old grandmother, Anastasia. I wanted to do an interview style layout. So many of you helped me out with suggestions for questions I should ask her. I sent the layout off to Scrapbook Creations and THIS MONTH it's been published. I've yet to get my hands on a copy, coming in the mail soon, but I am so excited to show it to her.

Here's how it turned out:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A visit to Forest Lake

Last weekend, we ventured out to Forest Lake and enjoyed a walk around the beautiful lake that this estate is built around. The boys took their bikes and Manuel and I walked briskly behind them occasionally stopping Joshua from going to0 fast and from crashing
- since he doesn't know how to use his brakes.

It's a great location and I'm looking forward to doing a
family photo shoot there in about a month.
I'd love to hear from my blogger friends - seems like my last post didn't
spark too many comments - maybe these photos will ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Product + A visit to the scrap show .....

New Product + A visit to the scrap show .... EQUALS a new layout and a card.

Yes, between coming home from the Brisbane Scrapbook Convention and going out with some of the girls that night, I managed to start a layout using one of my new purchases from the Scrapbook Show.

I finished it today along with a card but I can only show you some snippets since it's heading in to Scrapbooking Memories for one of their Scrap Sketch Challenges.

It was a good Scrapbook Show - heaps and heaps of people, and I managed to meet some online friends and also bump into some old friends too. There were heaps of new products to look at and buy. It isn't unusual for me to be attracted to the woodgrain adhesive strips by Paislee Press. I love the look of woodgrain and it looks really good for outdoor earthy photos. The paper is by Cosmo Cricket and available at scrap'n'craft with T - it's called Nature Walk (part of the Mr campy range).

I have a created a 2 new kits that are available to buy over there and you'll be able to create either a layout like this ......

or some cards like this .....

Apart from that, I'm enjoying a long weekend here - The Queens Birthday Weekend

and I'm loving it. Hope yours is great too.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Some great news for Tanyah's online scrap store - scrap'n'craft with T
- it's turning ONE and there are some great things happening over at the site.

I've had the pleasure of being part of the Design team there - always creating with some beautiful products and knowing that Tanyah has a good idea for colour herself, gives me the confidence to let her choose whatever she thinks co-ordinates with my goodies.

Happy Scrapping and I'm looking forward to catching up tomorrow at the Scrapbook Convention and Exhibition.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scrapbooking Memories layouts/cards

I'm always excited to share new layouts and cards here.
A while ago, Scrapbooking Memories asked me if I'd like to be part of the XYRON Challenge and so they sent me a XYRON machine and asked me to create a card and a layout.
It was the first time I'd ever used one.
That little device is a godsend - not sure how I ever scrapped all those years without one.
Here is my card as feautured in Vol 11. No 2
I Xyroned the foam circles
I Xyroned the aqua mini circle strip
I Xyroned the Hambly overlay
I Xyroned the scalloped paper edging.

It's a dream machine for all those intricate little pieces and I just loved how it attached all my journaling strips so perfectly on my layout as well as that hot pink strip.
Layout featured in Vol 11 No 2.

Then there is this layout that I created using Kaisercraft papers and my favourite Hambly rubon strips. This photo of Joshua is a favourite. Featured in Vol 11 No 1.

Looking forward to seeing heaps of new products at the Brisbane Scrapbooking Convention this weekend and maybe even seeing some familiar faces and some new ones too.
Is anyone planning on going - I'd love to say hello - drop me a note if you are please!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Been tagged!

My dear friend Severine tagged me recently with a request to post my first ever layout.
After I photographed this, I looked at what I created back in 2003 and thought about all the elements on the page. White background, borders around photos, white space, classic title and some journalling - I guess not much has changed in almost 6 years.
So glad I started this hobby - it's given me so much enjoyment and now I get to watch the boys read about their childhood and reminisce..

I was also tagged by 2 other friends, Michelle and Alyssa.
I have to answer these questions and then tag 8 other bloggers, so here goes.....
8 Things I Look Forward To.
1. The weekend, I always love the weekend.
2. Dinner tonight
3. A fresh hair cut and colour
4. Christmas...I love this time of year!
5. Finishing a layout
6. Taking a photo that I'm really happy with
7. A clean house
8. Nap time
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Wished Ethan a hppy 6th birthday.
2. Played Hot Wheels in the morning.
3. Set up our first birthday party in the park
4. Crashed on the lounge in the afternoon
5. Downloaded 140+ photos
6. Ate warm seafood salad for dinner - mmm nice!
7. Watched Masterchef Australia
8. Emptied my computer of files and burnt DVD's
8 Things I wish I could Do.
1. Enjoy doing the ironing.
2. Enjoy mopping the floors.
3. Enjoy loading the dishwasher
4. Enjoy making luches
5. Enjoy vaccuming
6. Enjoy washing the dishes
7. Use my straightening iron to curl my hair
8. Remeber things better
8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
1. Masterchef Australia
2.Baby turtles cracking out of their shells and running to the surf at nightime - YOU TUBE
3. Find my family
4. ABC kids
5. Brainy Baby Animals
nothing else really - don't watch alot of TV
So now you might know a bit more about me - if you feel like playing along with me, take the challenge and list your 8 things about you or maybe even show your very first layout.