Friday, June 19, 2009

Questions / Answers

It's been a while since I updated my blog - good reason though. My hard drive has been sent away to be checked for water damage so temporarily i have set up my son's hard drive so I can 'make contact' with everyone ;)

I'm really glad so many of you loved the LEGO party as much as I did. I'll try and answer all the questions and if I miss any, please let me know OK?

ANONYMOUS - asked about the party - Yes, the party lasted for only 1 hr and they have no facilities for you to provide food which is a shame. The kids played for 1 hour supervised by a teacher who depending on your choice of party guides them with what they need to create. Our theme was "Journey Into Space" and they made aliens and spaceships and then had to show them off and explain what they had made. The cupcakes I made were wrapped in individual plastic containers with ribbons and given to each child as they left along with their LEGO CHOC MAN (as the lolly bag).

NICOLE S - I had seen on the LEGO site that you can buy ice molds from the US. I was concerned it wouldn't arrive in time and so I asked the brisbane LEGO store about them. She said 'no' and then about 1 week later, she phoned excitedly to tell me that a big shipment from the US was coming but not sure when. It arrived 3 days before the party. While I was there collecting the ICE CUBE MOLD, they had ICE BLOCK LEGO MAN molds also - that's what the CHOC LEGO MEN were made from. Of course I had to grab that as well. I'm assuming they should be available in Sydney also.

JODI - Hopefully, you have a LEGO store in your state, if so, then they should have it or maybe able to order you one from Brisbane. Yell out if you have any trouble.

I also received a lovely BLOG AWARD from Debra - that is so nice of you. Unfortunately I can't even load the pic or link you at this stage (who know's why - probably this little computer) but I will try again.

Also, CATH asked about my Black and White conversion on the photo of Ethan. I use photoshop to process my images. I go into GRADIENT MAP and use that to get my black and white's. I didn't do anything fancy to get that white background - the tiles I think were white or maybe even pale green so once converted that's how it looked. If I haven't explained this well enough, please ask again OK?

SO, not too exciting today - no photos to share .... since I can't with this computer ... but I have been creating and I'm excited about it too.

Have a great weekend,

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maryanne r said...

hi leanne
your LEGO party photos were just awesome.....but then ALL your photos are .
You posted some photos recently of your boys, and they were just stunning.
Looking forward to seeing some more gorgeous LOs very soon!