Friday, December 18, 2009

Keeping It Simple

Just managed to get another post in before the BIG DAY arrives.
I can't believe where the year has gone.
Today I received my copy of Scrapbook Creations.
After a long day of Christmas shopping, it was so nice to put my feet up and take a look at all the creations in this new issue.
Of course, I love seeing the "Keeping It Simple" Article that I write every second month with Belinda Venables and Helen Karanfilovski. I like to see how we all interpret the theme. This month's theme was to create a 'NO PHOTO' layout. I love how we all have similar coloured layouts and that was definately not planned.
Here's my layout:

Speaking of "Keeping It Simple" .....

are you a simple scrapper?

do you follow any simple scrapper sites?

who are some favourite simple scrappers?

I'd love to see some links to you or your favourites .... and I don't mean the BIG INTERNATIONAL NAMES .... I mean just normal scrappers like you and I.

I'd love to make a list and post them on my blog before Christmas. It would make for some great reading and inspiration over the festive holiday.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Merry Christmas,



nathalie said...

hello Leanne !
I'm from Belgium, my name is Nathalie, I scrap for only a year and I discovered you thanks to the two peas in a Bucket site. You are now one of my favourite scrappers, you got a huge talent and for me you are an international name !!! I tried many scrap styles, but the clean of simple has become my favourite. My blog is and I'd love you to tell me what you think about it...I wish you a very merry Christmas !

:) Tiff said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
all the best for 2010

Moira said...

Aside from your site, the simple scrapper's sites I visit the most are Dianne Herman and Nicole Southworth. Jody Wenke also, although she may now count as a 'big name' US scrapper? I also visit quite a lot, and ella publishing... Then there's the usual roll call of US scrappers - Cathy Z, Rebecca Cooper, Elizabeth Dillow, Stacy Julian.

Jody said...

Merry Christmas to you, Leanne :)
I love everyone listed and to add one more it would be Kathy Thompson from Canada, LOVE her simple style so much!

alexandra s.m. said...

Merry Christmas Leanne!!
( Love your page ;-)

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Your my number one for keeping it simple Leanne, but I must say I love love Louise Nelsons style & flare for white space & when you see her at work in Real life it is just simple techniques simply applied but with so so much class and talent...So I'm a fan of you both but for different reasons :):):) So I think Lou should be added to your list xxx

Happy Boxing Day... xxx

Anonymous said...

The only real simple scrapper I know is Ingun All the others have to much stuff clustering, to difficult design and no journaling on her simple-wannabe-layouts.


amanda hall said...

i adore Moon Ko's blog. Clean and simple - yes please!

Katharyn said...

Hi Leanne,
I'm a simple scrapper - have even been surprised to be described as a "minimalist", although I probably wouldn't go that far :)
Please check out my blog (I know I'm too late to make your list) but I'd love to share my work and see what you think of it ...