Sunday, February 7, 2010

School fete Ideas

I had a bit of a play this morning and grabbed some leftover scraps of double sided patterned paper, some embellishments and ribbon and made this collection of gift tags.

Our school fete is coming up in August and I was asked to join the Stationary/Craft stall to help out. I'm taking these to show the girls next week and see what they think. Is this something that would sell at a fete? I'd love to hear your thoughts on any cool ideas that are easy and fast to make that fall into the Craft and Stationary category.


Moira said...

They'll sell if they look like that and are packaged as a collection in a cute way. But make sure you put together a foolproof kit if you've got non scrappers in the mix, otherwise even good stuff can be made to look disastrous!

Jenny S said...

lovely.... just lovely.

mlledidi said...

My English not being very at the point I hope for only the translator used for poster my comment in the language which you speak will translate my sentences correctly (to laugh).

Personally I find this idea of charts super gifts!!!

So long. North winds, mlledidi.

Anonymous said...

I think they look great and I'm sure they will sell, especially if packaged well! I'm curious as to what you have put on the other side of the tags...are they plain? Emma

mlledidi said...

I like really much what you do, your scrap is a perfect example of what I like to make out of scrap!

So long on my blog with great pleasure:)
North winds, mlledidi.