Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm back!

I know it's been ages since I've posted but for good reason.
I have just arrived back from 3 weeks away in America and I had a fantastic time!

Firstly, I flew alone to Las Vegas for a week at WPPI - this is a huge convention where 15 000 photographers flew in to hear some of the best photographers in the world speak and share their secrets and techniques. I can't begin to say how much I learnt from these incredible artists and I loved every minute of being there.

After that, my husband flew in to join me and we became tourists and did the sight seeing thing in Las Vegas then New York then Los Angeles. We had an amazing time away and I'm looking forward to printing up my favourite photos out of thousands of photos so I can scrap ..... like this one!

It's great to be home!


Anita Meade said...

Welcome home Leanne. Sounds like an amazing experience....lucky you! Love this pic of you and Manuel. What a cute couple :) Hugs, Anita. x

Michelle Jamieson said...

Welcome home!!
Looking forward to catching up to hear ALL about it!!
I wanna see photos!!
Lots of 'em!! LOL

Chelle Xx

Ali said...

welcome back leanne!! looks like u had a fantastic time! lookin forward to seeing the photos!! bet the boys were glad to have u home too! ali xo

Louise Sutton said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday! Hopethe return to normal life isn't too harsh...

lexie said...

Welcome home Leanne, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Séverine said...

Welcome home Leanne!
It was so fun to read you on Facebook :) You really make me want to join you... I still have to wait some weeks before flying to NY!
I can't wait to see your pictures! you are both too beautiful in this one!
and I hope we will chat soon! ;)


Melinda Spinks said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a fabulous time. The photography convention sounded amazing!