Thursday, June 3, 2010

School Art Cards

As always, life is super busy.
And with a child at school, it seems never ending.
This year I put forward an idea that I had seen at another school for fund raising.
Each class was given an item to draw and then each student in that class had to draw it. I then scanned the drawings and laid them out in photoshop to create a card design.
At our school , we have 20 classes in total - so I have created 2 packs of cards.
10 cards have Christmas Designs on them and the other 10 cards have General Designs.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out and I'm hoping they'll be a great success!
So that's what I've been doing, what about you?


Colleen B. said...

I love them and perfect for preserving their first drawings! My kids had something similar at their old kindy, each child drew a little picture of themselves plus the teacher and they were all printed on t-shirts, mugs, golfing towels, tray cloths and a couple of other things. Awsome work, Leanne!!!!

Jody said...

This is such a great idea,
I wish I saw it sooner!
Thanks Leanne :)

Diane H said...

sooooo cooool !!

shillito.rachel.m said...

This is such a great idea. Are you open to others doing it too at their schools? Where did you get them printed?

Kathy said...

They look great particularly just the plain black and white classic simple designs. Good luck with the fete. Kathy A

Kathryn said...

I did this when i was in junior primary....the late 80's. I still have a copy of the card somewhere. They were a huge hit! The pictures were all printed in black, red and green and on white card. It's a great idea!

Jess Lothian said...

Love this idea Leanne! They look fantastic.

nicole s said...

OMG this is brilliant!