Monday, March 30, 2009

4 days!

I've just returned home from 4 days away with my family and 5 other families - it was terrific and Ethan and Joshua had a ball - who wouldn't, with a total of 13 little boys and just 1 girl!

We travelled to Moreton Island which is so picturesque and not at all commercial or high rise - it's a beautiful place to visit if you ever come to Brisbane - just 1.5 hrs by barge across from the mainland.

It was an action packed 4 days - sand castles, swimming in the ocean, canoe rides, jet skiing to see the ship wrecks, frisbee, beach cricket, boogie boarding, totem tennis ... and this was all before lunchtime ... then beach soccer, sliding down the sand dunes on boogie boards, fishing at dusk on the beachfront, watching the dolphins being hand fed in the ocean ... all before dinner time ...followed by a fun filled 'moon walk' - walking with glow sticks and torches in search of any night time animals like possums.

This is the jetty the kids fished off last night at around 5pm.

This is the view of Moreton Island beach.

And these are the little houses we stayed in that are situated on the beach.
We had 3 houses in total with 2 families sharing each one - it was so much fun.
There are at least 40 of these little blue houses all in a row on the beach front.

So, I have a heap of washing and ironing to do and I'm sure this jammed pack holiday will catch up on me in the next couple of days, but it was worth it.

Oh, and in breaking news .... Ethan's first tooth finally fell out on our second morning at Moreton Island - just needed an apple to nudge it out! Luckily the tooth fairy knew her way to where we were staying and left him some coins for his treasure. For those of you who saw my layout about Ethan's TOOTH FAIRY CONSTRUCTION (it has since been removed for publication), well Ethan HAD constructed an amazing house for the Tooth Fairy to visit in Brisbane (out of clean pizza boxes) and since we were away and he couldn't write a letter to her because none of us had a pen with us, he chose a more modern approach and asked one of the Dad's to text the tooth fairy a message to come visit us when we returned to Brisbane as well! Kindly enough, the Tooth Fairy replied and should be coming some time this week to check out the construction that Ethan made for her!


:) Tiff said...

Hi Leanne. LOl with Ethan and txt the tooth fairy. Kids have such a straight forward approach sometimes dont they. You live a very full life with frequent quality family time. Its making me rethink what we do or dont do as a family. cant wait to see LO's of the pics.
cheers to you and yours

melanie said...

Oh lucky you! I'm so craving a beach vacation right now. Those little cottages look so cozy and relaxing. :)

Ali said...

your family holiday looked fantastic!! those pics are gorgeous leanne! thanks for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I seriously thought you'd gone *camping*. Here I was worried about you in the rain LOL Roughing it, I think not!

It looks wonderful - what a great idea to go with a group of people and share houses. Bet your boys had a ball with all of those other boys. (that poor girl! LOL)


maryanne r said...

hi leanne
gorgeous holiday by the looks of your pics.
Just got my SM magazine in the mail today and seen your mesmerized LO in there.Looks fantastic,[both your boys are just beautiful] and so refreshing to see one of your pages in the mag.

chrisw said...

that jetty shot leanne..just beautiful!