Saturday, September 27, 2008

Holiday layout

I had so many photos from our visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary that I created a mosaic of photos. I resized them to 2x2 inches each and then had the mosaic printed.
I was so glad that the new Basic Grey paper - offbeat (with the birds) - was a good match. It's so cute.

I've been doing so many multi photo layouts lately and I'm finding it a bit tricky to still have enough white space on the layout when I scrap 8.5x11. I have been thinking about going back to 12x12 to see if that gives me some more room to play with - should I or shouldn't I ? I'm such a huge fan of 8.5x11.


Katherine B said...

Love this Leanne - I love multi-photo layouts. Where did you get the mosaic printed?

Sheri said...

love the LO!!
awsome pics by the way!!
how cools that birdie paper! i just might have to get some for myself!!
i think you should do some LO's of both sizes :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne. This is a great layout- looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Love how you've picked up the colour in Ethan's T-shirt. And that birdie pp is perfect! BTW, why do you feel you have to make a choice between 12x12 and 8.5X11? Do both! As long as you capture the memories and feel happy with the end result then it shouldn't matter what format they are in. I switch between the two sizes depending on my photo/stories. Set yourself free from the restrictions of a particular size and you'll enjoy a new creative freedom. That's just my 2 cents worth.....what do you think?

Anonymous said...

12 x 12 or 8,5x11, all of your pages are beautiful, Leanne ! I agree with the poster above, just go with the flow !


Séverine said...

Fantastic my friend!
I LOOOOVE this! So cool to see all your beautiful pictures. It's a nice way to keep this memory.
I love you're 8.5x11" layouts but as fan of 12x12" layout I think I would love to see your talent in this size too :)
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layout Leanne, maybe you could just do a two page 8.5 x 11 spread when you have lots of pics.

Gizmo said...

This looks amazing Leanne!
I love the birdie paper :)

amanda hall said...

i love your 8.5 x 11 pages. They are so beautifully done and very hard to imitate the perfection that you seem to get so effortlessly.

I get totally inspired by your smaller pages but also dont think you should feel there be a 'choice'.

do whatever works for each page. No rules and all that :-)

good luck and thanks for all your support and comments.

sandra said...

I agree with Amanda, whatever works for you.
I think that whatever size you choose it will be brilliant...

art scrap and more... said...

Hi Leanne,
Great page! I used this paper as well I just LOVE every page of the pack. I would also love to see your work in a 12 x 12 version,why not right?

RAMASYL said...

un petit bijou....!