Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pink Ribbon Day

Next month there are quite a few events going on to help raise money and awareness for Cancer in Women - Pink Ribbon Day is designed to do just that.
Scrapchat is holding a fundraising event in Brisbane on the 4th October with heaps of prizes and fun as well as a great opportunity to scrap with friends all afternoon and into the night. Scrapchat is auctioning off a custom made layout created by myself with all the money going to Pink Ribbon Day. So, if you live in Australia and you'd like to donate to a most worthwhile cause and get a layout from me as a little thankyou (using your favourite photo/s), then head on over to the SCRAPCHAT site and make a bid. There are heaps of other items available to bid for too.

On another note, I have a recent layout to share - YOUR ADDICTION.
This is about Joshua and his dummy (pacifier for all of the US visitors).
Fun photos and a simple layout ... but it tells the story and that's what I like to.


Kathryn said...

Part One??!! Will you scrap the rest of the struggle to take the dummy off him?! Now THAT will be an interesting couple of pages in the album!

Lovely LO, again! So clean and fresh. I'm beginning to draw inspiration from you, so thank you!

art scrap and more... said...


Belinda Venables said...

This looks great Leanne. You could enter this into the Color Combo Galore challenge - it's the same colour scheme! :D

Hope you're well.


kerry said...

Look at those dunnies arnt they great.Good luck getting them off him too.take care Kerry xx

sandra said...

good luck Leanne... I see a look of determination in those gorgeous brown eyes!!
love this page..can't wait for part two.

Tamara said...

I love the 'your addiction' page. And I understand exactly how you feel, I have an 18 month old that demands at least 2 dummies at all times, and if she only has one, then she makes us go and look for another one for her.

I too didnt want a thumb sucker - now I am beginning to think I should have just let her suck on her thumb!!

sara from whitebox said...

cute! my daughter had a major dummy addiction. she had to have one in her mouth and one in each hand at all times!

we went cold turkey and quit on her 2nd birthday. it was rough for about a week and then she was over it.

:) Tiff said...

classically Leanne.

try cutting off the ends of the dummies. they dont feel so nice and he may not want them so often. worked for me.
waiting with baited breathe for part two.

Genmanou said...

Cute addiction, Leanne !Love this clean design and the so cute photos too !

Gizmo said...

Love this one Leanne!
Good luck with the dummies - but how cute is he with those BIG brown eyes!:)

amanda hall said...

great page. Love the colours and the use of more than one photo but still producing 'space'.

Very cleverly done. Classic Leanne S ;-)

It might not be as bad as you think (the dummy thing)

We casually kept saying that 'big girls dont have dummies' to Piper and she threw her own out in the bin one day! Totally un-asked....she came to me and told me that she had thrown them in the bin and proudly showed them to me sitting ontop of all our scraps! The first few sleeps were horrible but after that it was no worries.

She was really really addicted too so i thought it would be a heck of a fight - instead it was too easy and the thought was much worse than the actual deed.

With all three of my kids i have found going 'cold turkey' so much easier.

good luck and hope your experience isn't too bad either.

RAMASYL said...

eh bien..... j'adoooooore!
just extraaaa!