Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Question time?

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments about my photos - to say I'm a little excited is probably an understatement but I need to be honest and tell you that I was the least experienced photographer at the group shoots - if you have made your way to www.ilovephotography.com and you find the threads from our shoots, you will see some simply stunning images.

Now, to answer some questions ....
Jody - I haven't used any actions on these images. I haven't used an action in a long time. I'm trying to learn to see with my eye what an image needs and not rely on a standard setting - then I work with it on the computer.
Melanie - To get a silhouette shot, you need to meter off the sky and then take the shot. I shoot in Manual and also in RAW - hope this helps.
Sofi - did I read correctly? Are you expecting baby no.2? How exciting for you and your family.
KatherineB - I have a Canon 400D and I use a 50mm f1.8 lens most of the time. I also have the standard lens that comes with the camera. I'm actually considering upgrading my camera even though this one is not yet 2 years old and still has a one year warranty - do I sound like a used car salesman? I'll be sticking with Canon - really love their cameras.

For those of you who want to learn more about photography, Rachel Richter is planning a workshop - go take a peak at her blog - I'm her biggest fan.


Katherine B said...

Where's a photo Leanne - come on - surely you have just one more to share. I'm so excited about the 'afternoon with Rachel'. I'll have to fight you for the biggest fan title I'm afraid. I love what you both do. Your latest photos were stunning - you obviously enjoyed the workshops. I just wish I could have joined you then you wouldn't have been the least experienced one there :) Maybe next time. What camera do you use and what are you fav lenses?

Katherine B said...

By the way - loved the photos of your family over on WildSpirit :)

amanda hall said...

great work Leanne! your shots are stunning!

:) Tiff said...

oh wow Leanne. We have the same camera and lenses. All I need is some of that talent. Must admit I looked at your shots last night and checked out a couple of links from your post and blog. I went out today with some props and my son when the light was soft and grabbed some shots.
I did use a different lens. 75-300mm lens to really soften the background. Worked a treat.
thanks for the tips.

Katherine B said...

Ha Leanne - you are I are thinking alike - I too am looking into upgrading and I also have the 400D - we should catch up one day for coffee :) Photo Continental???? lol.