Monday, August 31, 2009

self portrait

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was asked by sara Pearcy to take some self portraits for an article she was writing for Scrapbooking Memories. I had the most fun especially since she was after something a little different. On top of that Kristy (the editor of SM) asked me if I'd like to create a layout using those photos - I jumped at the chance.
Here's the layout as seen in last month's Scrapbooking Memories.

Also a question in my last post from Di ... that tab you liked is from Making memories - it's an old one and 2 other tabs are featured on this layout too. I think it was from the 5th avenue collection - I'll let you know if it's not.
And Tiff .. how do I make my pics so big? Well it's the hardest thing to explain but it's in the EDIT HTML section of the blog and you need to change s400 to say s800 and you need to delete some other section that says cursor,height,width or something like that. Hope that helps a little.


:) Tiff said...

Thanks a bunch Leanne. I'm not sure if I'm game to fiddle. I tried it once and it was disastrous. I had to recover everything. seriously stressful time.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leanne, I love it, you look so alive, happy and most of all it looks like you had a absolute fantastic time, simply great.
Mandy Deane

Angie said...

GREAT layout, Leanne! Love that collection of photos.

Genmanou said...

WOW WOW !.... Such a wonderful self portrait !... Love this page, leanne !

melanie said...

Love, love those fun photos of you- gorgeous!