Monday, August 11, 2008

I can't resist another photo

There is nothing that makes me feel happier than when I hear my children or my husband laugh. Really, it's amazing and this photo is of Ethan laughing so hard because my photographic assistant (also known as my darling husband) was throwing the soccor ball against that very wall Ethan was leaning against and trying to 'near miss' me with it. Anyone interested in a job? Might have one available soon - hehe.

Also, it's so great to read your comments when you drop by and I'm so happy to be get to know a few new people that have been saying hello. Thanks again, Leanne


Belinda Venables said...

What an adorable photo Leanne...:D


amanda said...

i am an old name but will pop in to say hello anyway ;)

love that wall! wow what character! LOL at the story behind the cute.

amanda said...

oops should be 'too cute' - i hate spelling mistakes so had to correct myself on the worst sin of all two/too/to!


kerry said...

Hey Leanne great pic i love that brick wall.take care Kerry xx

awjwrwmw said...

Hi Leanne,
I am so happy to have found your blog (Severine linked it over at 2 Peas)
I love seeing all your beautiful work usually in the SS gallery, now I can see the story behind all the lovely pages.

Leanne said...

Your little guys are so photogenic. Beautiful work.

Have a great day,


Katherine B said...

Great shot Leanne - it show the true joy he is having - love it!

Rachel said...

Very cute indeed :) Is M for hire? I think I could use someone like him some days LOL


neat freak said...

ooooh fabulous photo love the wall as a backdrop - so cool Leanne!