Tuesday, October 21, 2008

16hrs and 58mins

If you're an Aussie
and you'd like to support Pink Ribbon month for Cancer in women,
and you'd like to donate some money to them
and get a layout created by me in return,

then head on over to www.scrapchat.net where you can bid
- there is only 16hrs and 58mins remaining
- 100% of the proceeds go to this worthwhile cause.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind me sharing this family's photo - they were so much fun.
You can't have a post without a photo or layout right?


Diane Herman said...

Wow Leanne! That is totally awesome! Looks like the week is going really well!

Nikala O'Brien said...

Hi Leanne,
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog...I'm glad you left a comment because now I've tracked you down too. Boy, we have a lot in common. Great shots from the sunday urban shoot. I'll see you tomorrow. You you believe my son lost his front tooth last night...just in time for the rural farm shoot.