Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Photo Shoot - Brisbane City

Here are a few quick images from the Photo Shoot on Sunday in Brisbane City - I had a great time and feel I learn so much at these events. These 2 boys are brothers - aren't they the cutest! And they were so enthusiastic about showing me their skateboard moves. I'd love to share more but I need an early night tonight - my bones are aching, I have a sore throat and one knee keeps cracking each time I walk - I think it's a cross between the flu and being unfit and bending so much at the photo shoot. I've yet to finish looking at all the images taken that day, so I'm sure to have heaps more to share. Thanks for dropping by, Leanne.


alexandra s.m. said...

very cool Leanne, can't wait to see the others!

Séverine said...

I knew that your photos will be fantastic!
So i'm not surprised BUT I love to see them!
They look just amazing!

Sarah said...

What little spunks they are...skater dudes always make for good pics as you can use their skateboards for props and it works really well...trying to photograph an old friend of mine who skates too..

you did awesome with these shots :)