Sunday, October 26, 2008

A layout

I really have been creating layouts in between photo shoots but unfortunately I can't share them at this point due to magazine restrictions, so I dug through my layouts to see if there was something I could post.
I don't think this one has been on my blog before and while the photo is less than perfect technically, I really wanted to use it. Oh, and the journalling runs vertically down that strip.

And if anyone knows why I can't post bigger images anymore, I'd love to hear from you. I think if you click on the layout it will enlarge slightly.


amanda hall said...

god i love your style.

Great photos too! LURVE the boots ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo of you and Ethan Leanne. You look like a very glamorous mum with all that long hair and the flowy dress. Lovely page :) Have a good week. Love Anita. xx

alexandra s.m. said...

Hi Leanne, such a lovely picture! I remember this l.o! Very unique and warm!

melanie said...

Leanne, I've found blogger to be pesky if you use the 'center' option when posting photos. It doesn't work to make it clickable as I've found out by trial and error. just leave that option blank and have since had no problems with it.

Beautiful layout, I love that sweet photo!

neat freak said...

love the rich colours Leanne - beautiful!