Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun weekend

I returned home from a fun weekend away. Manuel and I flew to Sydney to celebrate the wedding of one of his cousins. It was a great night with dancing and laughing and heaps of ridiculous jokes. The 2 children stayed in Brisbane so we took full advantage of our 'quiet time' with our feet up on the bed in the hotel, eating sushi, sipping diet coke and watching RAVE. Occasionally Manuel flicked the channel over to Hannah Montana but that was an old habit he couldn't break (or so he told me).

Anyway, these photo booth pics were taken at the wedding. The bride and groom had organised a photo booth for all the guest to get their photo taken with 2 copies supplied - I for you to keep and the other to be stuck into a dry mount album which was supplied and you simply added your message.
Being the shy couple that we are (wink, wink), we only managed 4 visits to the photo booth that evening.
After we had collected all our photo strips, Manuel turned to me and with a worried 'too late' look on his face said "You're going to scrap these aren't you!"

heheheh - silly question!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too funny! These boys are wising up to the fact that they are scrapbook LO subjects.....and now with blogs being so common, people all over the world are going to see their adventures!

For Manuel: You look very handsome, all dressed up at the wedding, Manuel. And what about that babe in the photos with you?! :) You lucky guy!

Can't wait to see the pages Leanne.
Love Anita. xxx

art scrap and more... said...

I love these! What a great idea to have a booth at a wedding! You guys look great, happy and in love and it's a JOY to see!

melanie said...

These are great Leanne, so fun!
I love photo booths and so do my kids. :)

sandra said...

What a great idea!
Love these photos of you both... the interaction between the two of you is so sweet... you look so happy.

Belinda Venables said...

These are great Leanne! What a fabulous idea to have one at the it! are both very serious aren't you....bwahhhhhhh...NOT! Love the poses...too funny.


PS: Manuel looks like 007 hehe!

:) Tiff said...

top pics Leanne. so often we are behind the camera. Manuel is a 'hunnybun' ;)
great to get some shots of you both hamming it up.
you both look so right for each other.

Leanne said...

Hee hee! Too funny! Loving your sense of humour!!

Genmanou said...

Love all these funny photos, Leanne !...

Rachel said...

Haha, they're brliiant! :)
Wonder what you were doing in that blank one??? Hmmmm :)

My favourite is # 8..awww!

And Manuel...Hannah Montana???? LOL

Rach xx

ScrapManda said...

What a hoot! Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see them scrapped even if Manuel isn't looking forward to that!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Ha Ha...I LOVE them!!
Very cool to say the least. An awesome idea for a wedding!

What was Manuel thinking....OF COURSE you are going to scrap them!!! LOL

Chelle Xx

amy licht said...

hi leanne!
just found your blog today. your work is beautiful. :-)
love this idea for a photo booth at a fun!...and i saw your layout in this months bhg--congrats! i had the same assignment as you!!

melissa deakin said...

love these photo strips and what a fabulous idea for a wedding.
looks like you had a blast!

neat freak said...

heee hee what a fabulous idea, you guys look so happy and I love Manuel's comment at the end, he should really know by now LOL!

Lorraine x

res said...

hey Leanne... funny shots. I look forard to seeing these in a layout!

Chrissy said...

How adorable are the two of you!! What a totally cool idea to have at a wedding too.

Poor Manuel LOL, has he only just worked out he's fair scrapping and blogging game? hee hee

Glad to see you guys had some alone time, must have been so wonderful. :)

Chrissy x