Sunday, April 5, 2009

Collage from Moreton Island

I get quite a few friends asking me about how I create my photo collages.
It's becoming a bit of a trademark for me lately - I really love layouts that have lots of pics because they help to tell a story and to me, that's why I scrapbook.

So, here are 2 collages I made about our trip to Moreton Island. I'm about to head off now to have them printed. Normally at KMart on satin paper and I make them fit the nearest enlargement size - like a 5x7 or 6x8. I'm going to print these both and create a double layout for Scrapbook Creations - my next keeping It Simple Article is almost due.

I open a new A4 sized document in photoshop and then crop all my pics to 2inches by 2 inches. Then I copy and paste them into the A4 document, placing them in the position I want them to be with just a couple of spaces in between each image. Once I'm happy, I crop the final image and save it. Easy! Yell out if I didn't explain it clearly.

Hope your weekend has been fun!


:) Tiff said...

love the second collage. is easy on the eye and flows nicely. cant go wrong with pics in the water.
I have had the fire lit the last couple of days. is starting to get chilly. I feel warmed up a bit looking at your sunshine up there.

Moira said...

Aah, collages - the simple scrappers best friend. What a fantastic way to spend a holiday - and what a beautiful spot!

Corrie said...

oh wow I've just found your blog! your photos and scrap pages are just fabulous!

I must admit I did start scrapbooking but got too busy knitting and sewing to get back into it but I do have the supplies! its a burden having too many crafts!!!

will definitely be popping back to check your blog again

Genmanou said...

WOW !.... Love this collage, Leanne !Full of colors joy and happyness !

Lisa said...

Hi Leanne,
I have just tried your tecnique for collages, and I'm stumped. I cropped my first photos to 2" - but what size are your wider ones? I doubled them to 4' but now my white space is uneven .. How much wider should I make them? can you help? Ta Lisa