Monday, April 20, 2009

The Easter Bunny!

I have just returned home from 10 days at Broadbeach, Gold Coast for the Easter Vacation.
It was so lovely to have lots of family spending their holidays in the same area as we were. The boys had a great time on the beach, playing tennis, in the park, swimming in the pool ... the list goes on! And in true Queensland style, the weather was simply amazing!
I'm even sporting a bit of a tan - woohoo!

We celebrated Easter at the Gold Coast with a traditional egg hunt first thing in the morning with as many cousins and friends as we could text. We knew the Easter Bunny would be coming as the kids had found a carrot in the garden a couple of days earlier and then it was half eaten the following day. They were even more excited when they found the entire carrot missing from the garden just 20 minutes after they had gone swimming in the pool - UNBELIEVABLE!

Joshua was screaming with excitement when he found a pair of Thomas The Tank Pyjamas left by the Easter Bunny for him !

And they couldn't run fast enough to fill their baskets!

Their baskets were exploding.

So, now to get back into some serious scrapping - I have heaps to catch up on.
Hope your Easter was relaxing too!


Chrissy said...

Look at those beautiful happy faces, just gorgeous!! :) Your Easter at the beach sounds fabulous (did you stay at a hotel.. you'll have to email me where you went if it was, we're looking for a nice place to stay that way soon).

Chrissy x

Diane H said...

Glad you had great weather Leanne. It was bit wet in far North QLD unfortunately...but still managed a tan too!

alexandra s.m. said...

Welcome back leanne!
Can't wait to see what you do with these sweet pictures!!



KatherineB said...

Oh Leanne - you are so lucky - you have such a beautiful family and extended family by the sounds of it! That hunt looks fabulous. I'm glad you had great weather. We were down there the week before Easter - you know when it was rainy weather - not so perfect Qld weather for us unfortunately. I can't wait to see your layouts on these.

maryanne r said...

hi leanne
that photo of your little joshua is just so adorable.with those gorgeous big brown eyes he could get away with murder Im sure.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - I can feel their excitement :)
Love that you still do the hunt on holidays. Did you have many people watching? :)


melanie said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm amazed how warm it still is there, isn't it Fall yet? Your boys are adorable. :)