Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Edited to Add

Just some information that was asked about the last post - DISCO ALBUM.

Tiff, I had this album made through PICPRESS - they are a wholesaler that deal with photographers and do a great job. In the past, I have used OFFICEWORKS with great success and they are extremely affordable. You download the program from their online site and you can send the album that you create directly to them once it has been created - online I mean.

Deanne, the fabric on that cushion on my couch is from IKEA - they have a whole lot that co-ordinate with it - I love it too! Oh, and don't be shy to stop by and say hello - leave a comment or 2 and maybe even become a FOLLOWER (on the right side of my blog) - heheh!

Heidi, thanks for leaving me a message on my blog - it was lovely to visit your blog and read about your exciting publication news. I found your address to your blog because it showed up that you had visited my blog and I was curious to see who it was - hope that's OK! Please come and visit any time - it means alot to me!

Oh, and there's something very special going on over HERE - if you can help, that would mean so much! Just a quick snapshot is all you need, nothing elaborate, really!

And it's never exciting to have a post without a layout or photo, right?
So, here's one I did using some great product from Bella. You can buy the kit over HERE if you love it! :)


:) Tiff said...

Thanks Leanne.

LIly'sMummy said...

I love looking at your work Leanne. It inspires me to leave more white space on my pages. I love how clean and modern your pages are. Thanks for the comment on your blog too. You have no idea how excited I was to see that you had left a comment on my blog. Like I said it was really nice to see someone like you who has been published as much as you and is so well respected to be looking at my work. Thanks for the self-esteem Boost!

Deanne said...

Thanks Leanne for that info.Love your layout,i always look forward to logging on.
Regards Dee

nicole s said...

Love this photo of Joshua - gorgeous!

Genmanou said...

Thanks for this layout !... Love your style !