Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bad bad pic!

I had a few friends ask for me to upload my first layout published. It was for a SHEER Gallery for Scrapbook Creations. I still remember opening that email in shock and major excitement. The large photo and journalling has a vellum overlay on top of it - it was the thing to do! Sorry for the bad photo - I really need my new camera ASAP!

Oh and on a festive note, I've just been given this link
- it's meant to be super cute for the kids - I'm off to check it out with Ethan now.
Can you believe Xmas is getting so close?


KatherineB said...

Oh WOW Leanne - that is fantastic. You had the same clean, fresh look from the beginning. Just beautiful. What a cutie too.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

You are right about getting that new camera! Quick! haaah!

Your first 'pub' still looks great!