Saturday, November 22, 2008


If you have a moment, take a look at this - very touching and beautifully photographed. So glad you posted this on your blog Melanie! Be sure to scroll down.


melanie said...

Isn't that just incredible? I was moved to tears when I watched it the first time. Such a beautiful & perfect mix of photos and words.
Thank you for putting it on your blog too, I think everyone should see this. :)


Michelle Jamieson said...

What a beautiful documentation of a mans life...from his eyes and his son's eyes...very touching. Thanks for sharing!

Chelle Xx

maryanne r said...

hi leanne, got my goodie box from you today![gorgeous stuff too].It was quite exciting getting supplies, that I hadnt actually chosen myself. [will have to this myself later on, kind of like "pay it forward"].
I was just finishing off a double LO this arvo and was a bit stuck, when the postie arrived with my parcel, so I just had to use something you had sent to finish off my LO.
Thanks again, some gorgeous papers, that I would not normally have in my[pretty meagre ]stash, so am really looking forward to using them.
Thank you,again

alexandra s.m. said...

I agree everyone should see it it's pure BEAUTY! Thanks Leanne!!

amanda hall said...

wow. I had never seen it before so thankyou.

The photography is breath taking in it's honesty. And the words are perfect.

I love it that he will always have this beautiful reminder of his father and the time spent together.

Ali said...

wow. everyone should see this blog. his photos are amazing, so REAL!! and the jounaling alongside is breathtaking! thanks for sharing leanne!