Monday, November 17, 2008

Trust me ...

... thank you for playing along and leaving me a message to enter the RAK of goodies I have. It was lovely to receive the messages of praise from everyone about my layouts being accepted for publication.

As you all know, I have sold my camera so I have no photo to share of me drawing one name out of the red satin box that sits on the shelf above my desk ... trust me that I did Ok?

So, the name drawn was ........... maryanne r.
Can you leave me your email details so I can get your address to post you some goodies please?

Also, I have a layout to share for the lovely LUCY (crazymumm) who celebrated her birthday yesterday. She won the auction prize of a layout for me to create for her. She chose for me to create the layout for her online friend, Karen (gypsy), to thank her for her hard work with Pink ribbon day and also for the friendship they have. You'll see the layout I created in the post below but I really wanted to create one for Lucy too - her generous nature meant alot to me. So, Lucy, here's a layout for you also and you have Chelle to thank for getting me this lovely photo of you and Karen together. I hope you like it and thank you for your generous donation to such a worthy cause!


Michelle Jamieson said...

It's beautiful Leanne...she'll love it! :)

Chelle Xx

sandra said...

congratulations Maryanne!
Lovely layout Leanne... that blue is gorgeous.

maryanne r said...

OH MY BLOODY GOSH....I never ever win anything.Im so unlucky in raffles etc, that I usually always put my husbands and kids name on them, so we may actually have some luck.[and that doesnt work either]. So I am majorly surprised!!!!!didnt actually comment to win anything just because Ive become a big Leanne groupie [along with many others].
But I AM excited that I have actually won something.
email address is :
ps.thanks to meredith and sandra for letting me know![ although at first had no idea what they meant, thought they may have been on the wine].

maryanne r said...

ps.thanks leanne!!

amanda hall said...

congrats Maryanne! Very worthy winner Leanne!

Love your special pages you have done for a couple of generous ladies. Just beautiful and how lucky they are to have a page done specially for them by you!

Hope you have had a nice start to the week.

:) Tiff said...

Leanne. Maryanne R will be dancing on the ceiling for days about this. You have made her week. Thanks for that.
Your Lo is stunning as always.

Sofi said...

Such a beautiful layout Leanne, and congratulations Maryanne.

Vibeke said...

Beautiful!!! Such a clean and pretty Lo!!!:)

alexandra s.m. said...

lovely L.O Leanne!
Hope you haven't been hurt by the storms, crazy?!

Anonymous said...

Sneaky girls xxx WOW WOW WOW xxx You so didn't have to do this Leanne... your a beautiful person, thank you so much I'm so over come with emotion at your kindness xxx