Monday, July 28, 2008


I haven't bought a card in forever - how can you justify the prices these days of a card? I received one the other day from a friend that was lovely and it read AUS$6.95 on the back - wow!
I love making them and with all my scraps it feels so good to not waste all those small pieces of pretty paper. I always forget to take photos of them but I did this time so I have some cards to share.

Made this one for Ethan's school friend - he wanted to give him some photos of their day out at LEGO LAND - cute ki papers.

Two of these were birthday cards and one was a thank you for Rachel helping me with my photography. So easy to make - anyone can do these!


Belinda Venables said...

The prices of cards are ridiculous aren't they! I love your handmade ones so much more...:D

Thanks for sharing,


Katherine B said...

Your cards are lovely Leanne - I get in trouble if I don't give a handmade card these day :)

neat freak said...

there something satisfying about making a card isn't there - I particularly like the bottom one but they're all beautiful Leanne!

Lorraine x

art scrap and more... said...

I'm with you Leanne!
I promised myself I would never buy a card again!
your cards are lovely! Thanks for sharing with us!

Séverine said...

I love your cards leanne!
And that makes me think that I have something to send you...