Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That handsome guy

I found a comment on my blog today on the post I did called 'the impossible!'.
If you haven't read it yet, go take a look - it's the post from MANUEL.

Luckily, it's no crazy stalker but my funny husband trying to surprise me with a visit to my blog - and to think, I didn't even know he knew how to log on. Let me tell you about him, since he's bound to pay another visit some time ....

He is
not just a little funny but really funny,
a kind, loving, beautiful person,
an amazing father,
and as he said in his post, 'handsome' - I can't agree more.

I won't go getting too mushy but for those of you who'd like to see him write the next post, I encourage you to leave a message that you visited. If this blog entry gets more comments than any other blog entry I've made before (which is 13), I'll do my best to convince him to write the next post. And Manuel, if you're reading this ... don't go posting any fake anonymous comments to get the numbers up.

I am so fortunate to have him in my life -what else can I say!


ART SCRAP & MORE said...

Hi Leanne,

Can He really be for REAL?
You and your wife's post made me giggle MR. Handsome!

All the best from Chi-town,


kerry said...

That is funny my dh would have know idea what my blog is even called let alone leave a post lol.Take care Kerry xx

Leanne said...

Here's one more for the list Leanne. Hope you can convince him!! LOL!

Have a good one,


Anita Meade said...

Hi Leanne.
Go ahead, get mushy! Good men should be celebrated and those of us who are lucky enough to have them should shout it from the rooftops!
Like to hear from the man himself too :)
Anita Meade.

Rachel said...

Heehee - how cute is that?!?!
I don't think Mark has ever posted on my blog - hmmm.

Michelle Jamieson said... sweet is Manuel?
DH knows it, but wouldn't know how to post?? LOL

Hope you've enjoyed your holidays!

Chelle Xx

Katherine B said...

Oh Leanne - what a sweetie you have. My hubby and kids love to look on my new blog (probably because its new!) but I'm sure its just to check up on what I'm writing and if they are on it. And yes Rachel I remember when Mark made an announcement on your blog - all hail the male contributions! Come on "handsome" man - we dare you :) Hope that helps Leanne :)

Katherine B said...

Oh Leanne I forgot - congratulations on you pieces in SBM - love the one of the boys on their bikes! You've inspired me to try something different - the idea is still in my head tho until the photos come back from the printers. Keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Aww. Gotta love a good man. A good man is hard to find! My hubby wrote my second (or third?) post ever on Remember when. It was called 'Diaries of a scrapbooker's husband (I think) - send it to Manuel - I'm sure he'll be able to relate!! It's awesome when they surprise you like that, especially when you think they don't even know how to log on! lol. Dark haired men are the best! Thanks for the invite to your blog, I will tune in more often. Nicole S.

Belinda Venables said...

hehe Leanne - Go Manuel! :D


amanda said...

another whose husband would have no idea what a blog is!

can't wait to see your page since i missed it on here!

and had to comment to bump up the 10!

Anonymous said...

awww, so sweet