Friday, July 11, 2008

Out for publication

Well, my husband's comments to my blog have managed to receive a total of 10 comments and while I was happy for it keep increasing over the weekend and reach the desired 13 comments or more, I was asked today by Scrapbooking Memories to send "THE IMPOSSIBLE" layout in for publication. Maybe they spotted that 'handsome guy' and had to have him for the magazine - maybe that's what the gallery will be called - hehahahe

Since it needs to be removed from my blog now until after it has been published, I have taken it upon myself to show Manuel what I've been up to and fill him in on the task ahead.

I leave for Melbourne tomorrow, bright and early, for a girl's weekend to celebrate my Mother-in-law turning 70 - with my 2 sister-in-laws. Not only will his days be filled with 2 little boys seeking his constant attention, but also meals, nappies, bathtimes, bedtimes but he will somehow find the time to POST his very first ever post on this blog. So stay tuned and I'll try not to think what lies ahead - ummm.

Have a good weekend, I certainly will be.


Sheree said...

Hope you have a fabulous weekend away Leanne!

I'm so disappointed that I missed your 'The Impossible' layout while I was away... I guess I'll just have to see it in the mag instead!!

Take care!
Sheree xx

kerry said...

Hav agreat trip Leanne i'm sure you will and i will be interested what dh has to say lol.take care Kerry xx

Nicole said...

oh missed the LO too, but congrats on getting it picked up.

Hope your having a fabulous time away.


melissa deakin said...

enjoy your trip!
it sounds wonderful!

Belinda Venables said...

Congrats on the acceptance! You need to make yourself an 'out for publication' sign!

Can't wait to hear all about your weekend.