Saturday, July 26, 2008

A lovely day !

I have to brag ... I spent a great afternoon with my friend and talented photographer, Rachel Richter (, doing what we both love ... taking photographs.
I had the pleasure of taking photos of Zac, a most willing and fantastic boy who by the end of it was showing us some of his favourite poses! Thanks to Michelle ( for allowing me to borrow her son as a model.

Not only did Rachel show me one of her favourite haunts, but I watched her in action as she got Zac feeling so very comfortable with the 2 of us throwing our camera's in his face. Afterwards, we spent some time on my computer checking out the photos of the day and learning some great tips from the expert. I can't say thanks enough - this was such a lovely day!

Here are a few pics of Zac in action - check out those gorgeous blue eyes!


Michelle Jamieson said...

LOVE them!!
Looking forward to scrapping these...Thanks again for asking Zac to be a model!
He loved it!!

Chelle Xx

Belinda Venables said...

*huff* I am so jelous!!

Right - that's it...I want to move to

Love the photos Leanne and I had no doubt in my mind that you would have anything but fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Leanne said...

Wow! What a talent you have! Love these photos!

Have a great day,


art scrap and more... said...

Hi Leanne,
These photos are Beautiful!

Katherine B said...

Oh you lucky thing.... what a great day you girls must have had. What wonderful photos too Leanne - well done. Glad Canon came through for you - should you ever have that problem again be sure to let me know - I'm more than happy to take your place with Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

Well don Leanne, these are fantastic!!

Look forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

Marilyn (grandma)

Anonymous said...

Woops..should have been well done


Anonymous said...

OH wow, these pics are fantastic!!

Thanks for sharing - he is just gorgeous!

Sally L said...


These photos are lovely! You are so lucky getting advice/ideas from Rachel - I love her photos.


ScrapManda said...

WOW ... great photography AND what a cutie Zac is! I'm sure Chelle will love them too!

neat freak said...

OK officially jealous - oooh I would love to have someone to go photographing with.

The shots are fabulous girl, way to go!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Leanne and Zac is a handsome little fellow. love your photos of him... Love your work it is amazing.

happy Scrapping

Lucy xx