Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Returned home late last night after a really fun weekend away. Ate far too much and walked until my shins hurt and loved every minute of it. My mother-in-law had a terrific time and managed to keep up with the 3 of us 'young girls' as long as there was a coffee stop every now and then. Sadly, no photos to share of my weekend - my camera is back at Canon for repairs for the 3rd time this year and so I'm looking forward to getting some photos from my 2 sister-in-laws in the coming week.

I wanted to share the only 2 photos I have of the little birthday cake balls that were made to celebrate my Mother-in-laws birthday. Made from delicious carrot cake and white ganache and then rolled in fondant and decorated or yummy cherry ripe cake with milk chocolate ganache and fondant. There was a co-ordinating birthday cake but no pics here - sorry. Aren't these the cutest little things? I was inspired by a talented cake artist who kindly explains on her blog how to make them - go check out the Cake Journal site - it's quite fantastic. In case you're all thinking that I'm super talented ... no I didn't make these.

As for a certain 'handsome someone' making a blog entry while I was away, I'd have to assume that he was kept pretty busy - I'm told the boys were angelic though - I'm so glad. I guess when I least expect it ... maybe an unexpected visit.

Off to create a layout tonight - maybe even start a second one too hopefully :)


Rachel said...

Oh yum - they sound delicious!
Your weekend away sounded lovely, glad the boys all survived :)

Canon...argh, not again! I may run into you out the front of the building. (I think they're due a phone call from me, I'm starting to get antsy)

Belinda Venables said...

You already know how much I would have loved to sink my teeth into one of those delish cakes - yummo!

Grrr at Canon - see...should have got a Nikon ;)


Nicole said...

aren't they the most gorgeous little cakes.

look pretty delish too.

I made a HUGE version on the weekend for Charlottes birthday, of couse it had to be pink.

Good to hear you had a fabulous weekend too.


kerry said...

what lovely little cakes they are adorable and look yummo.glad your weekend went well.take care Kerry xx

moon said...

those cake balls look delish!
can't wait to see your new creations...

Michelle Jamieson said...

MMM...those little cakes look delish!!

Glad you had a fabulous weekend away!! ;)

Chelle Xx

Sheree said...

What beautiful little cakes...they look almost too good to eat! Must have been yum though! Glad you had such a lovely weekend away!

Sheree xx

neat freak said...

ooooh they look gorgeous, not a great cake eater myself (biscuits are my preference) but I love to see amazing cakes like this!

Glad your weekend went well can't wait to see layouts Leanne!


Anonymous said...

Hi leanne,

Thank you for sharing the fab. cake blog! Into my favorite it goes!! YUMMY!