Saturday, May 2, 2009

A cool chance!

I'm running out the door for swimming lessons today for Ethan and Joshua but I had to post this great chacne to win a 6 month subscription to STUDIO CALICO kits. They are more than amazing and I know I would love to win this prize.

The best part is that if you win the prize, then I win one too - how cool is that?
And it's all because today - May 2nd - we are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day.

All you need to do, is to go here and log in and say you're new, with YOUR NAME, and also MY NAME. Then we both have a chance. And if you let your blog friends know to do the same thing then you'll have more chances. Have a browse around this site and you'll see some pretty cool inspiration - let me know what you think OK?

Off to swimming lessons and to buy a whole heap of new scrapping goodies - woohoo!
Happy weekend!


LIly'sMummy said...

What an amazing place Studio Calico is! LOVE there kits and products it is very inspiring just looking at the kits!I registered and logged in but couldn't find where I had to put both of our names to go into the draw!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hi Lily's Mummy - the site is very lovely - if you go to where I have the word HERE it is the forum where you can comment - good luck!

LIly'sMummy said...

Done now! Sorry for the stupid moment I had! Couldn't miss out on that opportunity, it would be unreal to win! Thanks Leanne

Debra said...

Hey there....i guess i should pop on in and say hello...have stumbled here a few times...your work is gorgeous. I did leave a commment at S.Calico. My blog has been a bit boring and sad so dont visit for a while...trying to get back into the swing of things.
Happy weekend :)