Monday, May 25, 2009

Scrapbook Creations Layouts

I scrapped a layout yesterday and I love it - unfortunately I can't share it because it's part of an article that I'm writing for Scrapbook Creations in an up and coming issue. So, I thought I'd upload some layouts that were recently featured in the magazine instead
- no fun having a post without a layout, right?

188 - this is the height that Joshua might be when he's an adult.

I remember reading somewhere that if you double the height of a child at age 2years

then that will be their height when they are fully grown - I have a few years to wait and see.

BREAKING THE HABIT - this was the layout I created for KEEPING IT SIMPLE article

that I write with Helen Karanfilovski and Belinda Venables. The theme was LARGE PHOTOS.

There is heaps to look at in Issue 65 - I'm always amazed at how differently everyone scraps
and I love reading the journalling behind the layouts.
What do you like most about looking at layouts?
Is the design, photo or journalling or are you are product junky?


SkyeMJ said...

WOW! Josh might end up a tall boy!

Gorgeous LO - as is the published one - I was just admiring it in the mag a couple of days ago!

Pjay said...

I love your work, and your blog is so interesting. The family photos for your friend are excellent I would love to do something similar with my family. Pxx

Debra said...

I love the simplicity of your work...and beautiful photos...i have a fab camera...why cant i learn more...sigh!! happy day :)

alexandra s.m. said...

Beautiful L.Os Leanne, that red is sooo perfect!!


Debra said...

Oh...and i am loving that blog darn cute....i miss my little people...can you give me a quick 2 min lesson on how to take great pics like this...LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Leanne! What a cool concept on the height thing!

LOVE LOVE the pics you took of Chelle and Jase's family, they are just amazing!

M x

Sally L said...

Hi Leanne, Love you layouts. They are so clean and simple but you always manage to add a little pizazz (that metal tile is gorgeous). And the photos from the family shoot are wonderful.

Séverine said...

Hey you!
I tagged you on my blog :)
Your're right a post without layout isn't fun as one post with layout, espacially when it's your layouts!
LOVE the first layout, love the ki lace numbers and I totally LOVE the theme of the page! How fun to wait and see, 188 is perfect for a man :)
Love the second layout too. Love this large picture, perfect as always and as I love ;)

amanda hall said...

I particularly like the dummy layout Leanne as it reminds me of our dummy days :) Great photo - lol at all those sucked ones. We had a great stash just like it!

As always LOVE your work. How you can make simple look so wow is beyond me.

I saw you in the mag today too! A great privilige to be 'next' to you ;-)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Super cute layouts...adore the dummy one!!

You've been tagged...Check out my blog for details!

Chelle Xx

Tanyah Payne said...

Adorable titles..and layouts Leanne!....

luv tanXx

Sofi said...

I love both layouts Leanne, and fabulous journalling too