Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm overwhelmed with the number of good wishes left by friends about the floading here in Brisbane.

We are all well and safe and apart from some major inconvenience everything should sort itself out with time. Fortunately the insurance company came yesterday and were pretty good - now I need to get quotes for everything that needs replacing.

I've spent this morning running to IKEA and other stores getting quotes for all the stuff that was damaged. The carpets have been ripped up (only 2 rooms affected - my study being one of them) and will be replaced brand new - I'm happy with that since they were starting to smell Musty yesterday afternoon. We have an industrial blower currently trying to dry out the concrete in the 2 rooms.

Good news is, nothing sentimental was lost - that means alot to me.
My albums are safe - I can't imagine how that would feel if they weren't.

So, I'm in the library using internet again and hopefully over the weekend, I'll set up a temporary area for my computer and maybe even get some internet connection as well.

I hope all the rest of my Australian friends are not affected by this heavy rain. It seems to be pretty OK today and things may be on the improve.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts.


Anonymous said...

oh no, Leanne - So sorry to read that you and your family were affected by the floods :(

Diane H said...

Glad to hear you are all ok and have not suffered major damage. But sounds like a lot of work ahead...take care, am thinking of you!

LIly'sMummy said...

Glad to hear you are Ok and that the albums were safe!! We definitely got some rain here in Brissy!

:) Tiff said...

I did wonder if any of your beautiful work was damaged. Is your study your scrap space?? My imagination sees you finding white furniture and accessories at IKEA etc.
am I close??

Genmanou said...

All is OK ?... AHHHHHHHHHH !!! Thanks for the good news.

SkyeMJ said...

So glad to hear all is (relatively) ok Leanne! So glad that nothing sentimental was lost.

Good luck with the replacement of carpets etc.

Thinking of you!