Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Update

As some of you may know, Queensland has had some major rainfall.
In fact, ONE THIRD of the year's rainfall fell in just one night.
Many roads have floaded and properties are under water.

We are fortunate to be on a high piece of land but the combination of water and strong winds caused lots of water to enter the lower level of our home and damage wooden toys, bookcases and carpets. My study was one of those rooms and I have had to disconnect the computer and remove all furniture from the room while the water is being extracted from the carpet. It's no fun at all.

So I'm at the library using the computer to log in and update my blog and check my emails. Hopefully I'll be up and running soon even though the carpet man told me that apparently more rain is on it's way - 'the worst is yet to come' is what he said.

Hope everyone else is ok!
I'll check in again soon.


nicole s said...

Glad to hear you are okay Leanne - I was thinking of you when I heard the news this morning.

KatherineB said...

Leanne that's terrible!! :( Glad to hear you are all ok tho. We lost out patio sails in the wind but thankfully no water damage in our home. Thinking of you all.

:) Tiff said...

oh no Leanne. thank goodness you are on a 'high rise'. what a bloody mess and inconvience for you.
hope the weather and carpet men have it wrong and that you have had the worst of it.
thinking of you

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Ew! Thinking of you! What an experience the last 48 hours has been. We are safe but pass by houses surrounded by brown water I hope you dry out soon!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Not good at all.
I saw Manuel at the usual drop offs/pick ups today and he told me all about it.
I hope that it's passed.
By tonight's news we may just be in for showers.
Our downstairs flooded too...luckily there are no floor coverings down there yet.
Thinking of you.
Give me a yell if you need anything! :)

Chelle Xx

kerry said...

Leanne thats no good sorry to hear about the water hope all is okay.Take care Kerry xx

Séverine said...

Oh non Leanne! So sorry to read this post!
I will pray for you and your family!
I hope everything is okay!


Danielle said...

Oh that is a bummer, Leanne ! We've had water in our basement years ago, and I still remember it as if it was yesterday : my teaching material floating on the water, we lost an expensive carpet that was stored there, etc. Hope that you can salvage your carpet and that the big floods-downpour are over. Were your scrapbooks in your office ? Hopefully not, as well as your scrapbook supplies.

Big hugs and thinking of you !


anitameade said...

Sending you, and all in your area, my thoughts and prayers Leanne. We really do have two extremes of weather in our two states don't we. We put huge water tank in 3 weeks ago and so far there is not a single drop in it! Hope you keep safe and dry. Thinking of you. Love Anita. xxx

Lyndall said...

Oh No. Hope the damage is minimal and things get back to normal soon.

amanda hall said...

my thoughts are with you Leanne. Hope it is all sorted soon for you. What a major PITA! (such a pity we couldn't channel all that water to go into the Murray!)

Genmanou said...

Sorry to read that, Leanne !...
Did't know your were living in this part of Australia...