Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Wedding!

Don't you just love weddings?
Last Saturday my first cousin got married - it was a great wedding with lots and lots of family!
There were 300 guests ... yes that's right!
But that's not too unusual when you have Greek heritage.
Here are a couple of photos of Manuel and I all dressed up for the big day!

Oh and I don't normally look like this ... in case you think you see me walking down the street
- lots of hair and makeup going on here for the special day - LOL!
Hope your Mother's Day was lovely!


Michelle Jamieson said...

You both looked gorgeous!!

Chelle XX

amanda hall said...


hot hot hot! You both look totally stunning. What a gorgeous couple you make! LOVE your dress!

Lyndall said...

Looking good, you two.

Thanks Leanne, got my cut flowers in the mail today. Looking forward to having a play with them.

nikala O'brien said...

You look gorgeous, as always. What a lovely couple.

SkyeMJ said...

Wow you look stunning Leanne! I looooove that beautiful dress!
Manual scrubs up alright too! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And you look pretty good too Leanne (LOL!) What a beautiful dress. Hope you had a lovely time. Aren't weddings fun?!

Chrissy said...

You look *gorgeous* Leanne!!!! Wow, and your dress is SO beautiful. :) Hubby scrubs up ok too. ;) What a handsome hunky he is you lucky ducky. *grin*

C x

Loretta said...

you look beautiful, Leanne - as you always do! You guys are a gorgeous couple :)