Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots and lots and lots ....

... of photos of my stay at Gwinganna Retreat.

This is where we would eat our meals and it overlooked some lovely herb gardens on one side,

as well as this on the other side - a beautiful infinity pool that looked out to some breathtaking scenery.
This was the Valencia Suite that I stayed in - there were 8 separate rooms in this home and quite a few more of these villas dotted around the property.

This was part of the verandah in the villa I stayed in.

The Day Spa was a beautiful new building only 1 year old - great modern Australian architecture. I indulged in a couple of massages while I was there.

I loved the mirrored front doors.

... and this is the back of the Day Spa where you would be taken into one of these villas to have your treatment.

No, that's not me but I did go into that room.

The bathrooms were pretty special,

... and so were the surrounds.

This is the view we all had,

when we woke at 5.30am for 6am Thai Chi - glorious!

Delicious organic fruit, vegetables and herbs grown on the property.

And to show you I was really there .... a bad timer photo of me lounging around
in one of those cute chairs.

This is the view from the other infinity pool that is part of an
amazing gymnasium on the property.

... and one of many huge copper pots scattered through the gardens that can be lit in winter time to keep you warm.

But back to reality now like everyone else.

A full day ...
of school drop off and then toddler gymnastics,
followed by a visit to the organic store and Coles,
lunch and a nap for Joshua,
a dash to school for pick up time,
prepare afternoon tea,
some baking with the boys (Carob and Banana Balls - a recipe from the Gwinganna cookbook),
shower them both and dress them in their PJ's,
heat up some home cooked pasta from my Grandmother for their dinner,
and then put them to bed at 7pm.

All in all,
an ordinary day in the Stamatellos home.


Michelle Jamieson said... looks beautiful!
Thanks for sharing so many fabulous photos! :)

Chelle Xx

KatherineB said...

Oh WOW - wish I was there. How beautiful.

Moira said...

Oh dear lordie, it looks a-maz-ing. You lucky girl (although it might take some convincing for the 5:30am starts!) Hope you're feeling fabulous and relaxed now!!

B.créations said...

Just WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

Séverine said...

I didn't see that I didn't see that I didn't see that...
OMG! Leanne we really have to chat because it seems like you have tons of things to tell to me :)
I love your pictures, you was to the paradise or what?! :)

melanie said...

I tried leaving you a comment on the last post but I don't think it registered...
anyway, this looks like heaven to me, sheer heaven!! You're so lucky you got to experience this for a few days, and I hope you came back feeling refreshed and revitalized. :) What an absolutely beautiful place!

Lyndall said...

Wow looks awesome...where do I sigh up :-)

alexandra s.m. said...

lucky girl!!
Gorgeous pic.!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne, I peamailed you! Barb

Jody said...

Oh myyyyyyy, Leanne,
I would never come home! :)

tracey said...

oh my gosh that looks fabulous -- i wonder if ikea can start selling those chairs - i feel that i need one .... or maybe two.. for my backyard...

Sofi said...

Oh, wow Leanne! Thank you for sharing all those gorgeous pics

Rachel said...

Oh wow - and you came back!!! :)
Look how lovely and relaxed you look in that photo.

amanda hall said...

holy hell - that place looks like Heaven!

You lucky duck! You deserved a lovely break though so i hope you enjoyed - i mean how could you not in such a gorgeous place??!!!