Thursday, February 12, 2009

No excuses!

I was telling Michelle today why I haven't been scrapping much these last few weeks. You see, I keep heading to the study after dinner to check emails and blog surf and then the time slips away. I even explained to her that Ireally should scrap as soon as dinner is over and then go and blog surf later. I had a solution to my own dilema. I even went as far as to show her my latest papers and embellishments that I purchased from Flourish as well as a gorgeous kit I'm going to be creating for Scrap 'n' Craft with T. So tonight there was no way I could not create something to share ... especially since we see each other at drop off and pick up time at school every day!

This one's for you Michelle!

Oh and this layout was definately inspired by heaps of previous blog surfing ... just not exactly sure where or who though ! :)


Anonymous said...

Love this, Leanne ! Wonderful choice of papers and I love the little row of stars !


Mandy said...

Love the layout Leanne.
I too get caught in the blog surfing temptations and end up with no layout completed.
I love the letters you've used for "Grade 1 " are they American Craft.

Michelle Jamieson said...

He he...I'm glad you got it done.
Those papers were gorgeous!!

See you today at pickup! ;)

Chelle Xx

amanda hall said...

ooooh love the striped dot paper - stunning.

Also love how you have used those apothacary stickers - gorgeous.

And what a cute grade one boy :)

Ali said...

this is a gorgeous layout - i agree with amanda! that dot striped paper is delish!

i don't have any probs with the whole blog surfing thingo - no internet at home!! makes scrapping a breeze! :)

melanie said...

Another lovelt page- those vertical numbers going up the left side look fab!