Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time away!

I'm sneaking in a quick minute to say I'll be away from my blog for the next 4 days. This is where I'm going - woohoo!!

Hopefully, I'll be relaxed and energized when I get home to my beautiful family.

Oh, and thank you all so much for leaving your 'threatening' comments to not touch that previous layout - I've tucked it into the album because I'm too nervous what one of you might end up doing if I change it ... but then Nicole did have the same idea that I did (maybe some Basic Grey red/orange paper)!!!


Diane H said...

GET LOST!! I am TOTALLY green with envy!!! Have the most wonderful time leanne!!

sandra said...

oh you lucky lucky thing... even the intro made me feel relaxed... imagine the real thing lol
hope you have a wonderful time!

lexie said...

Have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing about your trip. It looks gorgeous!

:) Tiff said...

congrats on your LO in the 'keeping it simple'section of SC.
Book Week has such bold colours and the flourish on the side is devine.

Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

Enjoy the time away - it will be fabulous. I'm very envious!

amanda hall said...

have a lovely time away Leanne. Keep safe.