Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photos, photos and more photos!

Yesterday, my baby turned 3!
Where did the time go?

I managed to snap a few photos of him alone - he's a beautiful boy!

And today we had a party with the family - he had a ball!
Being the Thomas the Tank fanatic that he is, I went all out with the theme. Oh and before you all comment on how clean my floors look (LOL) .... they certainly were before the party - when daylight hits them tomorrow after today's chaos, they should look very ordinary and there will be no need to praise me.

The gorgeous Thomas cake - he couldn't stop showing everyone. The fondant decorations were made by a talented friend of mine, Naomi, who I met on flickr and lives in Newcastle. I asked her to make them for me and then she mailed them. They arrived safely and were a real hit with Joshua.

I made the cupcakes and cake myself and simply added the decorations.

The lolly bags.

The birthday boy.

My 2 boys - oh the darlings! I think they'd had enough of me trying to take a photo before the family arrived and they started to hug each other - of course, I whipped out my camera just in time to capture their love.

And one of the favourite pressies.

Hope you're still awake after all these pics, but it was such a lovely day for us all and I wanted to share.


Diane H said...

Love these pics Leanne. I am still up yes ... should be asleep but im not! Now would love to see a pic of your lounge ... am trying to decide on leather or fabric atm!!

sandra said...

Awake??? I'm all inspired!
Great photos, that first one is stunning and aww at them giving each other some brotherly love... and what beautiful boys you have!

ps... I love your collages and you have inspired me to give it a go.. I love them! Great way to use lots of photos!... My first effort is on the E2C site.. thanks for the inspiration!

:) Tiff said...

what a huge day for the family and your camera. (and the mop bucket lol).
congrats to you for all the efforts. top shots Leanne. esp the bw.

nicole s said...

LOL at your very perfect floors. hat first photo of Joshua is amazing!! He is almost to pretty to be a boy, and the one of them hugging is priceless.

ninabakke said...

Georgeous photos!

Love Nina

Séverine said...

wow wow wow!
I love thses photos!
yum yum! the cakes looks great :)

Michelle Jamieson said... the cake, and you tracked down red plates I see??
Hair doesn't look too bad either!! LOL

Love the pic of the boys together...magnificent!

I'm glad Joshua had a wonderful day! :)

Chelle Xx

Jody said...

You need to rename your blog, "Life with Leanne is Stunning!"
Your children, the cake, the decorations, your clean-at-the-moment floor, your white dress, that 3-tiered cake stand, your photo's all STUNNING!
And that photo of the 2 boys needs to be scrapped A.S.A.P. :)

melanie said...

Leanne, I'm convinced you are the Aussie version of Martha! ;p Those photos of Joshua are breathtaking. He's beautiful. :) And how amazing is that cake and all the decorations? I just love how it all pops off the spanking clean white-ness of your home.. Fabulous!
Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy.

Danielle said...

Yes Melanie has the right adjective : your photos of your sweet boy are just breathtaking ! WOW ! Love the satiny skin of his, his brilliant eyes, the kindness and softness that is breathing from him. Very cute cake and decorations !

Love that special hug photo of your two boys ! Just so very special. I think that you need to enlarge that pic and hang it somewhere in your home : it is just gorgeous ! Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet boy !

anitameade said...

Wow Leanne, seems all your blog readers are in awe of you.....and rightly so! Glad Joshua had a lovely birthday. Your photos are fantastic. What lovely memories for you to scrap. Your home looks like your scrapbook pages....sleek, clean and stylish. Love it!

Jo.A said...

Hi Leanne, My daughter turned 4 on Saturday, we have had a whirlwind weekend as you must have had. Your photos are beautiful, I LOVE the one of your boys hugging, so precious, and the black and white head shot, perfect!
Happy birthday to you precious little man. Jo

kerry said...

Hi Lranne happy birtday to Joshua he looks like he was going to have a big day.Glad to see it all went well.The cake looks fab.Take care Kerryxx

Tanyah Payne said...

Happy birthday Joshua

an amazing cake, awesome pics. you have 2 beautiful kiddies leanne. and your phototgraphy is totally amazing!

luv tanXx

Sharon said...

Hi leanne...I've long admired the square frames that often appear in the background of your photos....and I am awe of that sparkling floor (and clean white do you do that with two boys?!)Thanks for sharing (and happy birthday Joshua!)

Anonymous said...

Aussie Martha :giggle:
You went to so much trouble and it shows - everything looks beautiful and I'm sure Joshua must have loved it. (my favourite part is those lolly bags - so cute!)


Anonymous said...

Your mother had to be at the airport by 6.15pm. I had to drag her away from the party,break all the speed limits and finally drove into Qantas Valet parking,grabbed her bag and raced in to get her checked in with 2 minutes to spare. On the way out the Qantas Valet wanted to know why I had parked there and I explained that it was the closest point to check in and that she would have missed the plane had I dropped her off out on the road.(She is not fast due to 2 hip replacements)
I promised Q/Valet I wouldn't do it again, least not till Wednesday night when Mum gets home....hehehehehe.
Thanks for having us at the party , we loved watching the kids all having such fun together.

alexandra s.m. said...

love love these beautiful photos!!

Genmanou said...

All of your photos are .... WOW WOW WOW !!!! SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne :)
Loving those wedding photos, and this birthday party looks perfect! Your home sure looks
amazing [jealous ;)!!!]
and I'm loving your black & white framed photo display - very nice :)
Hope to see you soon!
Love Jemma [white wish]