Friday, January 30, 2009

First week of school!

I'm about to collect Ethan from school in the next hour or so and he has had a lovely first week. There were no tears from either of us - just a kiss and a hug and off he went and sat at his desk and started colouring. He's such a big Grade One boy now!

Here is the layout I completely last night - not sure if you can officially call it a layout since there is barely any product on it - although I do love the xmas snowflake! So many photos taken on Christmas Day 08 and I wanted to remember it like that. Hope the close ups help with reading the journalling.

Enjoy the weekend!


KatherineB said...

Happy 1st week Ethan. I'm so pleased it went well. We also had a wonderful start to the school year (better than expected actually. You look great and so grown up in your uniform. Funny thing is the shirt fabric looks very similar to MY primary uniform - must be a popular pattern.

I'm so pleased you've finally put up your Christmas layout - it looks fantastic Leanne - very inspiring.

Happy Weekend - rest up for a big full week at school Ethan.

Shannon D said...

Hi Leanne,
Just mentioning I popped by. Love the Christmas LO and the snowflake. The Christmas meal table is amazing! I love to decorate for Christmas - but my table didn't compare!
Love your header photo.
I found you from Nicole's blog you always have such funny comments!
Shannon D