Saturday, January 31, 2009

A fun night out!

Last night I went to the opening of a new scrapbooking store in Brisbane. I had a fun night with 'cover girl' Michelle Jamieson and 'photographer to the stars' Rachel Richter as well as saying hello to Mandy and Katherine who I knew from visiting my blog. There were quite a few 'big names' in the scrapping industry and everyone was suitably impressed.

Take a look at some sneak peeks of the store here:
It's located in Carina in a gorgeously fitted large store. It is a must see if you're in Brisbane or passing through. The 2 girls that own it are lovely and have a great sense of style and they scrap beautifully - I wish them all the best!


:) Tiff said...

oohhhh. the decor drips elegance.

KatherineB said...

WOW - how do you find out about these things... I didn't know there was a new store opening - ooo - can't wait until next week when the kiddies are at school and I can check it out - are they officially open now Leanne - more details please.... :)

nicole s said...

Yay!! New shop! Wish I lived closer. You never know, I just may have to take a short trip!

Kath, Mark, Ruby and Max. said...

hi Leanne,

it was great to meet you - in real life :) - on Friday night.

Just wanted to let you know I've put some pics up on my blog from Friday night, including one of you and Rach and Michelle Jamieson - you all look stunning.

Have fun at the health retreat. I'm very envious.

kath x