Sunday, January 25, 2009

A full day!

Well, it's getting closer to the first day of the new school year and today Ethan and I checked that all the books were ready and covered and had his name on them. He packed his bag and checked that his new lunchbox would fit.

We also started to grow SEA MONKEYS!
I'll upload some photos soon ... but today we had to sterilize the water in preparation for the Sea Monkey eggs to go in tomorrow ... then on day five we can start feeding them and watch them grow! I can't wait to see what they look like - maybe like a seahorse.

We watched Curious George on DVD and also took Ethan and Joshua for a visit to COLD ROCK - their first time. Choc Mint icecream with freckles for Ethan and Vanilla Icecream with Oreos for Joshua. They loved it but I'm more of a Baskin Robbins Fan.

I even snuck in a layout while Joshua napped using Heidi Swapp rub ons alphas - I think maybe one of my favourite alpha rubons.

So all in all a full day. I might try and start another page tonight if I can even though I have school uniforms waiting to be ironed and labelled with Ethan's name .... oh, that can wait!


KatherineB said...

Woo Hoo - Sea Monkeys - my boys had them Leanne - prepare to "educate" them when they mate!! or just tell them they are going for piggyback rides!!! LOL Yes the school countdown is on here too. My J's books and things are done now i just need to cover L's in a ton of Ben10 contact.! Bring on the chaos of getting ready for school - don't think I'm quite ready for that. Love that LO by the way.

anitameade said...

Awesome page Leanne. Love the bargaining that goes with a photo shoot! I know exactly how it goes! My problem is that every time they see me with my camera I get the big fake cheesy grin.....never a candid, natural shot. I need to sneak up on them a bit more :) 7 more sleeps until school here....excited but a bit apprehensive that my baby is off to school.....not sure how I'll be on the day. One thing's for sure - there'll definitely be photos of the event! lol!

Genmanou said...

WOW!... Such a BEAUTIFUL page Leanne !... LOVE it !