Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

We took a drive to Mount Glorious today and it was lovely. The scenery was beautiful. We stopped for some lunch at a little cafe and saw these letter boxes all in a row - aren't they so adorable!

In the afternoon, the boys pushed each other up and down the footpath in their racing car - where do they get the energy?

After a quick bath, we all head down to our favourite fish and chips shop for dinner and then home. How did you spend your day?


maryanne r said...

Hi leanne thanks for dropping by my blog and your lovely comments!
I always check your blog and love your work!!Stunning photos too, can I ask the photo you posted earlier taken with your little canon, for the 6th folder/photo challenge, was so bright and vibrant.Did you edit it at all in PS? I though it was just stunning!
Happy aussie day too.

KatherineB said...

Happy Australia Day to you all too. Unfortunately DH had to work so the boys and I spent the day being real aussies and bumming it around at home. I managed to make a 40th card for my brother and finish covering books - boring hey.....

ps. LOVE how Ethan gets Joshua to push him... he he he clever.....

lexie said...

Hi Leanne

Happy Australia Day to you.

Just letting you know I am having another crop at my house. Sunday 15 March. Would love for you to join us. Chelle is coming too!

Have a great week.

Séverine said...

I spend my day at work :(
but I'm not in Australia... and this is the problem :)

I Totally LOVE the boxes! So so cool!
The boys look so happy! I'm sure they have lot of fun!

Glad you have a great day with your family Leanne.
I miss our chats, hope to have time this week ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day ! Here in my neck of the woods, we're having a day off from school ! All the francophones schools in my region are having the day off ! DH went out with DS and his cousin to snowshoe and I stayed in (neck condition) to do more work on my December Daily.

Love the row of mailboxes ! It's totally what I would have done : stop and photograph them !

Boys always have tons of energy ! One of the reasons why they are so much fun !


Diane H said...

Hey leanne.
Australia Day was a fun day at home with good friends...and possibly 1 glass of wine more than I needed! LOL

nicole s said...

And you think I'm funny with my whirlpool boat shed! Your letter boxes are hilarious (is that a microwave one!??) and I think one letterbox has some whirlpool on it! Far right.
P.S I secretly love letter boxes as well as boat sheds. In year 10 I did a photography assignment and took photos of all different types of letter boxes.